Sunday, March 2, 2008

We Are HERE!!!

After a long bus ride, the UNC Asheville team has successfully arrived at Camp Hope. The new camp sight looks like the Ritz compared to the other one. We all have mattresses to sleep on, with bunk beds (O the novelties!). It really is the simple things in life that are pleasing! There are multiple common areas, one with a 60 inch television and there are about 10 computers available for use. I think my favorite part is the shower trailers. Hot water is available in them at all the times and from the outside they look like movie stars might shower in them (from the inside, not so much). The temperature inside camp is also about 50 degrees warmer. So much for all of those clothes I brought to keep me warm! Another plus, the walls are cinder block and go all the way to the ceiling! So many exciting things to look forward too!! Can't wait to head to Musicians Village tomorrow to see the progress from last year and then head downtown for more adventures. Keep checking back for updates!!


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