Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today was really productive for the Bulldog crew here in New Orleans. We had some hiccups in the morning but that is to be expected with an organization this size, and once we got to the site evertything flowed like water. I haven't done any carpentry in years and today I remembered how satisfying it can be. What a simple yet beatiful practice for the mind and body constructing a home can be. I love the smell of the wood, the sound of the saw chewing though it, but especially the off time rhythm of children with hammers. We worked on a house here in St. Bernard that had the foundation, outer walls, and some of the inner walls in place. Tomorrow we will set trusses that will frame the roof.
I just remembered that I bled on one of the walls today. I had cut myself and didn't realize it until I saw streakes of red on the board I was hammering in place. As gross as this might seem to some, I found it poetic. I came down here and gave my blood and nothing could seem more natural. I'm not special. This is not extrordinary. People take care of each other every day and all of us understand the importance of community. It can be easy to forget and often is, but it's there holding us together. I say this because I get a feeling from the rest of the volunteers here of casual acceptance. Being here and helping people in need is what makes sense...simple.

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