Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day Two - Many Good Things Happened Today

After a bit of confusion this morning regarding our work site, we arrived at two work sites that had masonry and outer foundation work already completed. This allowed both groups to immediately begin putting hammer to nail and chop saw to wood!

Our groups will continue at both sites all week and there is a very good chance that all exterior work will be completed this week! :-) The teamwork displayed at the Walker Street location was inspiring and everyone pitched in to ensure that the day's tasks were finished. We actually expended all the materials and supplies allocated for today, but will only need a very minimal amount to get on track Wednesday. Everyone's motivation is outstanding and I am sure that the positive feedback will ensure a full complement of volunteers next year.

It was inspiring to see Hally and Caki straddling 2x4's to storm proof walls, Billy going from team to team providing outstanding construction/carpentry knowledge, the patience displayed by Jarris in correcting the slightly warped frames and barely bent nails that popped up everywhere, Michelle and Katie using a chop saw, and everyone else who worked hard today that I cannot detail as I have not learned everyone's name yet.

I look forward to a highly productive week and know that this group will accomplish everything expected of them and more. During our in-processing this morning, the UNC Asheville group was larger and more motivated than our counterparts from NC State University, UNC Charlotte and Boston College.

The bond and personal interest from everyone seems to be growing each and every day. These are truly a very special group of people who will continue making a positive impact on humanity!

Greg Dillingham
UNC Asheville Staff Representative

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