Thursday, March 6, 2008

A roof, karoke and some thunder

All the tresses are hung on the house and the roof sheeting went up today. We are hoping to have some shingles down before we head out of town on Saturday. The work is getting tedious but the team keeps on trucking.
We got to take a tour of the lower ninth ward where the storm hit the hardest today. Consisting mostly of concrete slaps, the neighborhoods were so depressing. We did see some signs of hope as Deltec homes and Extreme Makeover will be building houses on one of the streets. Some of the remaining houses however looked like they were probably left. Words couldnt describe it
On a higher note (badaching) the senerade that we recieved on the bus ride back tonight made the trip. Some of us found this little Irish pub where were able to watch the UNCA game. It was the only place we could get it in the French Quarter. It was awesome.
We are now experiencing severe thunderstorms for the second night in a row. Every meteorologists dream. I am off to watch some lightning before I crash. Stay tuned for lots more updates tommorrow!!
I know that I can't believe that we have only one night left!

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